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Modification of thin layers of specific materials

The chemical modification of materials under exposure to high-energy electrons is relevant to different technical processes (f.e. lithography, treatment of polymers). We investigate how the higher selectivity of low-energy electrons can be exploited to modify thin layers of materials in a more controlled manner by performing electron exposure experiments at different electron energies.

Currently the following material systems are studied:

More information:

Low-energy electron-induced chemistry of condensed-phase hexamethyldisiloxane: Initiating dissociative process and subsequent reactions;
I. Ipolyi, E.Burean, T.Hamann, M.Cingel, S.Matejcik, P. Swiderek,
Int.J.Mass Spectrom. 282, 133 (2009).

Electron-induced reactions of MeCpPtMe3 investigated by HREELS;
M.N.Hedhili, J.H.Bredehöft, P.Swiderek;
J. Phys. Chem. C, 113, 13282 (2009).

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