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Special issues

BJNANO-TitleBeilstein Journal of Nanotechnology (2017)
Thematic issue Chemistry for electron induced nanofabrication
Edited by Petra Swiderek, Hubertus Marbach, and Cornelis W. Hagen
IJMS-LogoInternational Journal of Mass Spectrometry
Vol. 277 No. 1-3 (November 2008)
Eugen Illenberger Honor Issue: Electron-induced atomic and molecular processes
Edited by Ilya Fabrikant, Tilmann Maerk, and Petra Swiderek
EJPD-LogoThe European Physical Journal D
Vol. 35 No. 2 (August II 2005)
Special Issue: Electron-driven atomic and molecular processes
Edited by Eugen Illenberger and Petra Swiderek


Mechanisms of Electron-Induced Chemistry in Molecular Ices
F. Schmidt, T. Borrmann, M. P. Mues, S. Benter, P. Swiderek, J. H. Bredehöft,
Atoms 10, 25 (2022).

Coordination and organometallic precursors of group 10 and 11: Focused electron beam induced deposition of metals and insight gained from chemical vapour deposition, atomic layer deposition, and fundamental surface and gas phase studies
I. Utke, P. Swiderek, K. Höflich, K. Madajska, J. Jurczyk, P. Martinović, I.B. Szymańska
Coord. Chem. Rev. 458, 213851 (2022).

Astrochemistry and astrobiology in the laboratory
J.H. Bredehöft
Bunsen-Magazin, 6, 208 – 215 (2016).

Controlling molecular fragmentation and synthesis by low-energy electrons
Petra Swiderek
Bunsen-Magazin 3, 104-110 (2016).

Anisotropy Spectra for Enantiomeric Differentiation of Biomolecular Building Blocks
A.C. Evans, C. Meinert, J.H. Bredehöft, C. Giri, N.C. Jones, S.V. Hoffmann, U.J. Meierhenrich
Topics in Current Chemistry 341, 271-300 (2013).

Control of chemical reactions and synthesis by low-energy electrons
E. Böhler, J. Warneke, P. Swiderek
Chem. Soc. Rev. 42, 9219-9231 (2013).

Elektronenstrahlen - neue Wege zur Reaktionskontrolle
P. Swiderek
Nachrichten aus der Chemie 60, 1078 (2012).

Photochirogenesis: Photochemical models on the absolute asymmetric formation of amino acids in interstellar space
Cornelia Meinert, Pierre de Marcellus, Louis Le Sergeant d’Hendecourt, Laurent Nahon, Nykola C. Jones, Søren V. Hoffmann, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Uwe J. Meierhenrich
Physics of Life Reviews 8, 307-330 (2011).

Photochirogenesis: Photochemical Models on the Origin of Biomolecular Homochirality
Cornelia Meinert, Jean-Jacques Filippi, Laurent Nahon, Søren V. Hoffmann, Louis d’Hendecourt, Pierre de Marcellus, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Wolfram H.-P. Thiemann, Uwe J. Meierhenrich
Symmetry 2 no.2, 1055-1080 (2010).

What makes a planet habitable?
H. Lammer, J.H. Bredehöft, A.Coustenis, M.L. Khodachenko, L. Kaltenegger, O. Grasset, D. Prieur, F. Raulin, P. Ehrenfreund, M. Yamauchi, J.-E. Wahlund, J.-M. Grießmeier, G. Stangl, C.S. Cockell, Yu. N. Kulikov, J.L Grenfell, H. Rauer
Astronomy and Astrophysics Review 17, 181-249 (2009).

Elementare Prozesse der Strahlenschädigung von DNA
P. Swiderek
Angew. Chem. 118, 4160 (2006).

Fundamental processes in radiation damage of DNA
P. Swiderek
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 45, 4056 (2006).

Book chapters

Focused electron beam-induced processing
D.H. Fairbrother, S.G. Rosenberg, C.W. Hagen, I. Utke, P. Swiderek,
in Low-Energy Electrons: Fundamentals and Applications, O. Ingólfsson (Ed.), Pan Stanford (2019), pp. 219.

Electron-Induced Chemical Reactions for Surface Functionalization
Petra Swiderek
in: Wandelt, K., (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry: Surface Science and Electrochemistry, vol. 4 (2018), pp 702–710.

Using Surface Science Techniques to Study Radiation Chemistry
C. R. Arumainayagam, P. Swiderek, K. Tran
3rd edition, of the Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Sciences, Edited by P. Somasundaran, CRC Press, July 2015.

Fundamentals of interactions of electrons with molecules
J. H. Moore, P. Swiderek, S. Matejcik, M. Allan
Nanofabrication using focused ion and electron beams: Principles and applications,
P. Russell, I. Utke and S. Moshkalev (Eds.)
Oxford University Press, New York (2012), pp. 184

The Origin of Homochirality
Wolfram H.-P. Thiemann, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft
Astrobiology: Emergence, search and detection of Life,
V. A. Basiuk (Ed)
American Scientific Publishers, Valencia, CA, USA, ISBN: 1-58883-137-X (2010)

Amino acid structures from UV irradiation in space
Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Uwe Meierhenrich
Recent Developments of Chemistry and Photochemistry in Ice,
N. Takenaka (Ed)
Transworld Research Network, Kerala, Indien, ISBN: 978-81-7895-331-1 (2008)


Electron-Induced Decomposition of Different Silver(I) Complexes: Implications for the Design of Precursors for Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition
P. Martinović, M. Rohdenburg, A. Butrymowicz, S. Sarigül, P. Huth, R. Denecke, I. B. Szymańska, P. Swiderek
Nanomaterials 12, 1687 (2022).

Molecular synthesis in ices triggered by dissociative electron attachment to carbon monoxide
F. Schmidt, M. P. Mues, J. H. Bredehöft, P. Swiderek
Eur. Phys. J. D 75, 302 (2021).

Role of low-energy electrons in the solubility switch of Zn-based oxocluster photoresist for extreme ultraviolet lithography (2021 PCCP HOT article)
M. Rohdenburg, N. Thakur, R. Cartaya, S. Castellanos, P. Swiderek
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 23, 16646-16657 (2021).

Mechanisms of methyl formate production during electron-induced processing of methanol–carbon monoxide ices (2021 PCCP HOT article)
F. Schmidt, P. Swiderek, J. H. Bredehöft
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 23, 11649-11662 (2021).

Water-Assisted Electron-Induced Chemistry of the Nanofabrication Precursor Iron Pentacarbonyl
J. Lengyel, A. Pysanenko, P. Swiderek, U. Heiz, M. Fárník, J. Fedor
J. Phys. Chem. A 125, 1919-1926 (2021).

Electron-Induced Processing of Methanol Ice
F. Schmidt, P. Swiderek, J. H. Bredehöft
ASC Earth Space Chem. 5, 391–408 (2021).

Ultrathin carbon nanomembranes from 2H-TPP: Electron beam induced fabrication and functionalization via focused electron beam induced processing
C. Preischl, M. Rohdenburg, E. Bilgilisoy, R. Cartaya, P. Swiderek, H. Marbach
J. Phys. Chem. C 124, 28335–28344 (2020).

Combined Ammonia and Electron Processing of a Carbon-Rich Ruthenium Nanomaterial Fabricated by Electron-Induced Deposition
M. Rohdenburg, J. E. Fröch, P. Martinović, C. J. Lobo, P. Swiderek
Micromachines 11, 769 (2020).

Water-Assisted Process for Purification of Ruthenium Nanomaterial Fabricated by Electron Beam Induced Deposition
M. Rohdenburg, R. Winkler, D. Kuhness, H. Plank, P. Swiderek
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3, 8352–8364 (2020).

Efficient NH3-based process to remove chlorine from electron beam deposited ruthenium produced from η3-allyl ruthenium tricarbonyl chloride
M. Rohdenburg, H. Boeckers, C. R. Brewer, L. McElwee-White, P. Swiderek
Sci. Rep. 10, 10901 (2020).

Cisplatin as Potential Pt FEBID Precursor: NH3 Ligands Enhance the Electron-Induced Removal of Chlorine
M. Rohdenburg, P. Martinovic, K. Ahlenhoff, S. Koch, D. Emmrich, A. Gölzhäuser, P. Swiderek
J. Phys. Chem. C 123, 21774-21787 (2019).

Formation of Formic Acid, Formaldehyde, and Carbon Dioxide by Electron-Induced Chemistry in Ices of Water and Carbon Monoxide
F. Schmidt, P. Swiderek, J. H. Bredehöft
ASC Earth Space Chem. 3, 1974-1986 (2019).

Electron-Induced Radiolysis of Astrochemically Relevant Ammonia Ices
K. Shulenberger, J. Zhu, K. Tran, S. Abdullahi, C. Belvin, J. Lukens, Z. Peeler, H. Cumberbatch, J. Huang, K.Regovich, A. Zhou, L. Heller, M. Markovic, L. Gates, C. Buffo, R. Tano-Menka, C Arumainayagam, E. Böhler, P. Swiderek, S. Esmaili, A. Bass, M. Huels, L. Sanche
ASC Earth Space Chem. 3, 800-810 (2019).

Electron-induced chemistry of surface-grown coordination polymers with different linker anions
K. Ahlenhoff, S. Koch, D. Emmrich, R. Dalpke, A. Gölzhäuser, P. Swiderek
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 21, 2351-2364 (2019).

Electron-induced formation of ethyl methyl ether in condensed mixtures of methanol and ethylene
F. Schmidt, P. Swiderek, J.H. Bredehöft
J. Phys. Chem. A 123, 37-47 (2019).

Tracking down the Origin of Peculiar Vibrational Spectra of Aromatic Self-assembled Thiolate Monolayers
L. Kankate, T. Hamann, S. Li, L.V. Moskaleva, A. Gölzhäuser, A. Turchanin, P. Swiderek
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20, 29918-29930 (2018).

Electron beam induced surface activation of the metal organic framework HKUST 1: Unravelling the underlying chemistry
K. Ahlenhoff, C. Preischl, P. Swiderek, H. Marbach
J. Phys. Chem. C 46, 26658-26670 (2018).

Chemistry for electron-induced nanofabrication
P. Swiderek, H. Marbach, C.W. Hagen
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 9, 1317-1320 (2018).

Electron-driven and thermal chemistry during water-assisted purification of platinum nanomaterials generated by electron beam induced deposition
Ziyan Warneke, Markus Rohdenburg, Jonas Warneke, Janina Kopyra, Petra Swiderek
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 9, 77-90 (2018).

Rosetta Mission: Electron Scattering Cross Sections - Data Needs and Coverage in BEAMDB Database
Bratislav P. Marinković, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Veljko Vujčić, Darko Jevremović, Nigel J. Mason
Atoms, 5(4), 46, (2017).

Decay of COSAC and Ptolemy Mass Spectra at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
H. Krüger, F. Goesmann, C. Giri, I. Wright, A. Morse, J. H. Bredehöft, S. Ulamec, B. Cozzoni, P. Ehrenfreund, T. Gautier, S. McKenna-Lawlor, F. Raulin, H. Steininger, C. Szopa
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 600, A56, (2017).

Electron-Induced Synthesis of Formamide in Condensed Mixtures of Carbon Monoxide and Ammonia
Jan H. Bredehoft, Esther Böhler, Fabian Schmidt, Tobias Borrmann, Petra Swiderek
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 1, 50-59 (2017).

Water-rich planets: How habitable is a water layer deeper than on Earth?
L. Noack, D. Höning, A. Rivoldini, C. Heistracher, N. Zimov, B. Journaux, H. Lammer, T. Van Hoolst, J. H. Bredehöft
Icarus, 277, 215-236, (2016).

XPS study of thermal and electron-induced decomposition of Ni and Co acetylacetonate thin films for metal deposition
T. Weiss, J. Warneke, V. Zielasek, P. Swiderek, M. Bäumer
J.Vac.Sci.Techn A. 34, 041515 (2016).

Low Energy Electron Induced Reactions in Fluorinated Acetamide - Probing Negative Ions and Neutral Stable Counterparts
J. Kopyra, C. König-Lehmann, E.Illenberger, J. Warneke, P. Swiderek
Eur.Phys.J. D 70, 140 (2016).

Efficient electron-induced removal of oxalate ions and formation of copper nanoparticles from copper(II) oxalate precursor layers
K. Rückriem, S. Grotheer, H. Vieker, P. Penner, A. Beyer, A. Gölzhäuser, P. Swiderek
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 7, 852-861 (2016).

Formation of 2-propanol in condensed molecular films of acetaldehyde following electron impact ionisation-induced proton transfer
T.Borrmann, P.Swiderek
Eur.Phys.J. D 70, 133 (2016).

The role of NH3 in the electron-induced reactions of adsorbed and solid cisplatin
J. Warneke, M. Rohdenburg, Y. Zhang, J. Orzagh, A. Vaz, I. Utke, J.Th.M. De Hosson, W.F. van Dorp, P. Swiderek
J.Phys.Chem. C 120, 4112-4120 (2016).

Organic compounds on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko revealed by COSAC mass spectrometry
F. Goesmann, H. Rosenbauer, J.H Bredehöft, M. Cabane, P. Ehrenfreund, T. Gautier, C. Giri, H. Krüger, L. Le Roy, A.J. MacDermott, S. McKenna-Lawlor, U.J. Meierhenrich, G.M. Muñoz-Caro, F. Raulin, R. Roll, A. Steele, H. Steininger, R. Sternberg, C. Szopa, W. Thiemann, S. Ulamec
Science 349(6247), aab0689 (2015).

Electron-induced decomposition of condensed acetone studied by quantifying desorption and retention of volatile products
J. Warneke, P. Swiderek
J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 8725-8735 (2015).

Elektroneninduzierte Hydratisierung eines Alkens: alternative Reaktionswege
J. Warneke, Z. Wang, P. Swiderek, J.H. Bredehöft
Angewandte Chemie 127, 4473-4476 (2015).

Electron-induced hydration of an alkene: Alternative reaction pathways
J. Warneke, Z. Wang, P. Swiderek, J.H. Bredehöft
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54, 4397-4400 (2015).

Acetone and the precursor ligand acetylacetone: Distinctly different electron beam induced decomposition?
J. Warneke, W. F. Van Dorp, P. Rudolf, M. Stano, P. Papp, S. Matejcik, T. Borrmann, P. Swiderek
Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. 17, 1204-1216 (2015).

COSAC prepares for sampling and in situ analysis of cometary matter from comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
F. Goesmann, F. Raulin, J.H. Bredehöft, M. Cabane, P. Ehrenfreund, A.J. MacDermott, S. McKenna-Lawlor, U.J. Meierhenrich, G.M. Muñoz-Caro, C. Szopa, R. Sternberg, R. Roll, W.H.-P. Thiemann, S. Ulamec
Planetary and Space Science 103, 318-330 (2014).

Understanding Photochirogenesis - Solvent-Effects on Circular Dichroism and Anisotropy Spectroscopy
J.H. Bredehöft, N.C. Jones, C. Meinert, A.C. Evans, S.V. Hoffmann, U.J. Meierhenrich
Chirality 26, 373-378 (2014).

Formation and structure of copper(II) oxalate layers on carboxy-terminated self-assembled monolayers
I. Schrader, L. Wittig, K. Richter, H. Vieker, A. Beyer, A. Gölzhäuser, A. Hartwig, P. Swiderek
Langmuir 30, 11945-11954 (2014).

Low-energy electron-induced hydroamination reactions between different amines and olefins
E. Böhler, J.H. Bredehöft, P. Swiderek
J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 6922-6933 (2014).

Electron-induced dissociation of chlorosilanes: Role of aromatic side groups in gas phase and solution chemistry
E. Böhler, J. Postler, D. Gschliesser, T. Borrmann, P. Scheier, S. Denifl, J. Beckmann, P. Swiderek
Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 365-366, 169-176 (2014).

Chemical and mechanical properties of silica hybrid films from NaOH catalyzed sols for micromachining with diamond cutting tools
T. Prenzel, A. Mehner, D.A. Lucca, Y. Qi, T.A. Harriman, Y. Mutlugünes, S.A. Shojaee, Y.Q. Wang, D. Williams, M. Nastasi, H.-W. Zoch, P. Swiderek
Thin Solid Films 531, 208-216 (2013).

Intrinsically green iron oxide nanoparticles? From synthesis via (eco-)toxicology to scenario modelling
J. Filser, D. Arndt, J. Baumann, M. Geppert, S. Hackmann, E.M. Luther, C. Pade, K. Prenzel, H. Wigger, J. Arning, M.C. Hohnholt, J. Köser, A. Kück, E. Lesnikov, J. Neumann, S. Schütrumpf, J. Warrelmann, M. Bäumer, R. Dringen, A. von Gleich, P. Swiderek, J. Thöming
Nanoscale 5, 1034-1046 (2013).

Modification of polydimethylsiloxane coatings by H2 RF plasma, Xe2* excimer VUV radiation, and low-energy electron beams
P. Swiderek, E.Jolondz, J.H. Bredehöft, T.Borrmann, C.Dölle, M.Ott, C.Schmüser, A.Hartwig, V.Danilov, H.-E.Wagner, J.Meichsner
Macromol. Mat. Eng. 297, 1091-1101 (2012).

Reactions and anion desorption induced by low-energy electron exposure of condensed acetonitrile
A.D. Bass, J.H. Bredehöft, E. Böhler, L. Sanche, P. Swiderek
Eur.Phys.J. D 66, 1-9 (2012)

Functionalisation of a self-assembled monolayer driven by low-energy electron exposure
T. Hamann, L. Kankate, E. Böhler, J.-H. Bredehöft, F. Zhang, A. Gölzhäuser, P. Swiderek
Langmuir 28, 367-376 (2012).

Anisotropiespektren von Aminosäuren
C. Meinert, J. H. Bredehöft, J.-J. Filippi, Y. Baraud, L. Nahon, F. Wien, N. C. Jones, S. V. Hoffmann, U. J. Meierhenrich
Angewandte Chemie, 124 (18), 4562 - 4565 (2012).

Anisotropy Spectra of Amino Acids
C. Meinert, J. H. Bredehöft, J.-J. Filippi, Y. Baraud, L. Nahon, F. Wien, N. C. Jones, S. V. Hoffmann, U. J. Meierhenrich
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51, 4484 - 4487 (2012).

Interpretation of COSAC mass spectrometer data acquired during Rosetta’s Lutetia fly-by 10 July 2010
F. Goesmann, S. McKenna-Lawlor, R. Roll, J.H. Bredehöft, U. Meierhenrich, F. Raulin, W. Thiemann, G.M. Muñoz Caro, C. Szopa
Planetary and Space Science 66, 187-191 (2012).

Low Energy Electron Induced Decomposition and Reactions of Adsorbed Tetrakis(trifluorophosphine)platinum (Pt(PF3)4)
K.Landheer, S.G.Rosenberg, L.Bernau, P.Swiderek, I.Utke, K.Hagen, D.H.Fairbrother
J. Phys. Chem. C 115, 17452 (2011).

Dissociative electron attachment to gas-phase formamide
T. Hamann, A. Edtbauer, F. Ferreira da Silva, S. Denifl, P. Scheier, P. Swiderek
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 13, 12305 (2011).

Green nanoparticle production using micro reactor technology
A.Kück, M.Steinfeldt, K.Prenzel, P.Swiderek, A.von Gleich, J.Thöming
Journal of Physics:ConferenceSeries 304, 012074 (2011).

Low-energy electron-induced reactions in thin films of glucose and N-acetyl-glucosamine
A.Ryzhkova, P.Swiderek
Surf.Sci. 605, 963 (2011).

Modification of surface properties of thin polysaccharide films by low-energy electron exposure
A.Ryzhkova, U.Jarzak, A.Schäfer, M.Bäumer, P.Swiderek
Carbohydrate Polymers 83, 608 (2011).

Electron induced dissociation in the condensed-phase nitromethane: II Desorption of neutral fragments
M.Bazin, S.Ptasinska, A.D.Bass, L.Sanche, E.Burean, P.Swiderek
J. Phys.: Condensed Mat. 22, 084003 (2010).

Circulardichroismus von Aminosäuren im Vakuum‐Ultravioletten
Uwe J. Meierhenrich, Jean-Jacques Filippi, Cornelia Meinert, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Jun-ichi Takahashi, Laurent Nahon, Nykola C. Jones, Søren V. Hoffmann
Angewandte Chemie 122 (42), 7966 - 7970 (2010).

Circular Dichroism of Amino Acids in the Vacuum-Ultraviolet Region
Uwe J. Meierhenrich, Jean-Jacques Filippi, Cornelia Meinert, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Jun-ichi Takahashi, Laurent Nahon, Nykola C. Jones, Søren V. Hoffmann
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49, 7799 –7802 (2010).

Photolysis of rac-Leucine with Circularly Polarized Synchroton Radiation
Uwe J. Meierhenrich, Jean-Jacques Filippi, Cornelia Meinert, Søren V. Hoffmann, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Laurent Nahon
Chemistry and Biodiversity 7, 1651-1659 (2010).

Chiroptical Properties of Amino Acids: A Density Functional Theory Study
Martine Adrian-Scotto, Serge Antonczak, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Søren V. Hoffmann, Uwe J. Meierhenrich
Symmetry 2 no.2, 935-949 (2010).

Urea, Glycerol and Glycolic Acid in an Organic Residue Produced by UV Irradiation of Interstellar/Pre-Cometary Ice Analogs
Michel Nuevo, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Uwe J. Meierhenrich, Louis d’Hendecourt, Wolfram H.-P. Thiemann
Astrobiology 10 no.2, 245-256 (2010).

Electron-induced reactions of MeCpPtMe3 investigated by HREELS
M.N.Hedhili, J.H.Bredehöft, P.Swiderek
J. Phys. Chem. C 113, 13282 (2009).

Hydroaminierung eines Alkens, induziert durch niederenergetische Elektronen
T.Hamann, E.Böhler, P.Swiderek
Angew.Chem. 121, 4715 (2009).

Low-energy electron-induced hydroamination of an alkene
T.Hamann, E.Böhler, P.Swiderek
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 48, 4643 (2009).

Low-energy electron-induced chemistry of condensed-phase hexamethyldisiloxane: Initiating dissociative process and subsequent reactions
I. Ipolyi, E.Burean, T.Hamann, M.Cingel, S.Matejcik, P. Swiderek
Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 282, 133 (2009).

A Model for Asymmetric Amino Acid Photolysis
Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Uwe J. Meierhenrich, Katharina Breme, Jun-ichi Takahashi, Wolfram H.-P. Thiemann, Søren V. Hoffmann
Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 39, 286-287 (2009)

Amino Acids and the Asymmetric Origin of Life
Uwe J. Meierhenrich, Jean-Jacques Filippi, Katharina Breme, Rodolphe Perriot, Laurent Nahon, Jan Hendrik Bredehöft, Jun-ichi Takahashi, Wolfram H.-P. Thiemann, Soeren V. Hoffmann
Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 39, 205-206 (2009)

Electron-induced reactions in condensed acetaldehyde: Identification of products and energy dependent cross sections
E.Burean, P.Swiderek
J. Phys. Chem. C 112, 19456 (2008).

Thermal desorption spectrometry for the identification of products formed by electron-induced reactions
E.Burean, I.Ipolyi, T.Hamann, P.Swiderek
Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 277, 215 (2008).

Vibrational electron-energy-loss spectroscopy of gaseous and condensed glycine
E.Burean, R.Abouaf, A.Lafosse, R.Azria, P. Swiderek
J. Phys. Chem. C 112, 9405 (2008).

Thermal desorption measurements of cross-sections for reactions in condensed acetaldehyde induced by low-energy electrons
E.Burean, P.Swiderek
Surf. Sci. 602, 3194 (2008).

Low-energy electron-induced reactions in condensed HMDSO
I.Ipolyi, P.Swiderek
Surf. Sci. 602, 3199 (2008).

Triple F—a comet nucleus sample return mission
Michael Küppers et al. (J.H. Bredehöft)
Experimental Astronomy 23, 809-847 (2008).

Analysis of band broadening in vibrational high-resolution electron-energy-loss spectra of condensed methane
P.Swiderek, E.Burean
J. Chem. Phys. 127, 214506 (2007).

Electron-induced reactions in condensed films of acetonitrile and ethane
I. Ipoly, W. Michaelis, P. Swiderek
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 9, 180 (2007).

Fate of reactive intermediates formed in acetaldehyde under exposure to low-energy electrons
P. Swiderek, C. Jäggle, D. Bankmann, E. Burean
J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 303 (2007).

Products and reaction sequences in tetrahydrofuran exposed to low-energy electrons
C.Jäggle, P.Swiderek, S.-P.Breton, M.Michaud, L.Sanche
J. Phys. Chem. B 110, 12512 (2006).

Depth and angular profiles of inelastic low energy electron scattering in condensed molecular samples
B.Göötz, D.B.Popović, D.David, J.Michl, and P.Swiderek
J. Phys. Chem. B 110, 5480 (2006).

Competition of different scattering channels in electron impact vibrational excitation of thin solid films of sulfur hexaflouride
B. Göötz, E. Burean, P. Swiderek
Surf. Sci. 598, 104 (2005).

Electron induced functionalization of diamond by small organic groups
A. Lafosse, M. Bertin, D. Caceres, C. Jäggle, P. Swiderek, D. Pliszka, R. Azria
Eur. Phys. J. D 35, 363 (2005).

Electron-induced modifications in thin solid films of nitromethane-D3 with hydrocarbon admixture
Eur. Phys. J. D 35, 355 (2005).

Electron-driven atomic and molecular processes
E.Illenberger, P.Swiderek
Eur. Phys. J. D 35, 173 (2005).

Damage induced by low-energy electrons in solid films of tetrahydrofuran
S.-P.Breton, M.Michaud, C.Jäggle, P.Swiderek, L.Sanche
J. Chem. Phys. 121, 11240 (2004).

Absolute cross sections for the electron induced formation of unsaturated hydrocarbons from solid cyclopropane
P. Swiderek, M. C. Deschamps, M. Michaud, L. Sanch
J. Phys. Chem. B 108, 11850 (2004).

Triplet states in oligomeric materials: Electron energy loss spectroscopy of thiophene and bithiophene and evaluation of extrapolation procedures
H. Haberkern, K. R. Asmis, M. Allan, P. Swiderek
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 5, 827 (2003).

Adsorbate-induced changes in the structure of thin films of ice
Can. J. Phys. 81, 167 (2003).

Bond formation in electron-induced reactions of solid cyclopropane
P.Swiderek, M.C.Deschamps, M.Michaud, L.Sanche
J. Phys. Chem.B 107, 563 (2003).

Multiple inelastic electron scattering processes in thin molecular films: A simple model
P. Swiderek, A. Mann
J. Electron Spectrosc. 122, 37 (2002).

Electron-induced reactions in thin solid films of cyclopropane
H.Winterling, H.Haberkern, P.Swiderek
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 3, 4592 (2001).

Adsorption and multilayer growth of thiophene on crystalline and amorphous ice
H. Haberkern, S. Haq, P. Swiderek
Surf. Sci. 490, 160 (2001).

High-resolution electron-energy-loss spectroscopy of molecular multilayer film growth and properties
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