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Workshop: From Materials to Functional Materials

vom 5. bis 6. Juli 2007 am HWK Delmenhorst

Hybrid materials combining different classes of materials, such as inorganic and organic compounds belong to the most innovative field of materials design. If the various components are in close contact totally new properties emerge which are not just the sum of the individual contributions. In this way materials with exciting new functions are created which open fascinating perspectives of applications not only as construction materials but also in many other fields such as sensor development, catalysis and electronics.

The workshop is intended to provide an overview of activities at the University Bremen all aiming at the preparation and investigation of novel hybrid materials but taking varying approaches, such as functionalization of surfaces and nanoparticles, biomineralization and inclusion of polymers in mesoporous matrices. Various disciplines are involved reaching from chemistry over solid state and biophysics to mineralogy and crystallography. Based on presentations of current research in these areas, perspectives for the future will be highlighted in talks of external speakers which are renowned experts in the different fields.

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